Anyone who’s ever been stuck at home for an extended period of time knows just how depressing it can be. Living with a disability can make going out into the community – even simple errands like grocery shopping – a real challenge. At Yiga Ability Care, we have support workers from diverse backgrounds and special skills and training to help our clients get out, dive in and experience what life in the wider community has to offer.

social community participation


Yiga Ability Care team has extensive knowledge in sourcing and coordinating fun and stimulating social and community activities. Sometimes there is simply nothing better than a day spent away from home and exploring new places.  Having support can help you to do something very different from your everyday routine. This service aims to support people with disability to achieve your goals in the community.

Typical activities might include:

  • Participate in social events or Sports activities.
  • Special interest shows or expos.
  • Visits to parks and gardens.
  • Beach visits.
  • Join social groups.
  • Art galleries, museums, and cultural experiences.
  • Join an art class.
  • Local and agricultural shows.
  • Swimming pools and water parks.
  • Market visits.
  • Coach and train trips.
  • Experiencing local sports events.
  • Local events, festivals and shows.

If you would like to know more about the social and community activities that we can tailor for you, contact us!