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Assistance with travel and transportation


What is NDIS Travel and Transportation?

NDIS Travel and Transportation is one of the sub-categories under the
Core Supports budget. For people living with a disability, using public transport independently can be unpleasant, difficult, or even impossible. This funding item is therefore intended to support participants where it is reasonable and necessary for them to meet their travelling and transport needs.

What type of support is covered with NDIS Transport?

Where a person living with a disability cannot use public transport or get around independently, often they will need to rely on other forms of transportation. Participants can therefore use their NDIS Transport allowance to cover the cost of:

  • Access taxis
  • Community buses
  • Rideshares
  • Other suitable transport methods

Other ways the NDIS can fund transport:

Individuals living with a disability each have different needs, meaning the way in which you travel varies from person to person. Therefore, NDIS transport funding can be tailored to how you get around on a day-to-day basis, the level of difficulty experienced when travelling, as well as what support is needed to reach greater independence and achieve your goals.

This does mean using other funding categories; however, so here are some examples of how you can use the NDIS to fund your transportation needs:

Travelling with a support worker:

If you need additional assistance when travelling around your community, the NDIS can pay for a support worker to drive you to your location or accompany you in your travel around the community. This particular form of transport support is included under the ‘Assistance with Social and Community Participation’ sub-category in Core Supports.

Building your independence to travel alone:

For some participants, building independence through travel is a common goal. If your disability has made it difficult for you to get around on your own and you wish to learn how to overcome these challenges, the NDIS can pay for public transport training or driving lessons. This particular form of transport support is included under the ‘Improved Daily Living’ sub-category in Capacity Building as it focuses on building skills and independence.

Need us to point you in the right direction?

We understand that knowing how you can use the NDIS to cover your transport needs can be confusing. With so many budget categories, you may not know what solution is best for you.

So, if you do have any questions regarding how to use your NDIS plan when getting around the community, never hesitate to contact us at 0426 654 485 for some extra guidance.

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Reach your distances comfortably with travel and transport NDIS

Embracing the essence of life, travel opens doors to new experiences, enabling us to fulfill personal and professional needs. It is an inherent part of our existence, a world where movement is constant. While many revel in the joys of travel, individuals living with disabilities face unique challenges in navigating public transport due to mobility issues. This is where travel and transport NDIS come into play, turning their transportation difficulties into something more joyful.

Yiga Ability Care has been one of the trusted platforms for accessing a variety of NDIS services, including travel and transport NDIS. We are fully backed by exceptionally experienced carers who can make it easy for participants to travel and get everywhere on time with no difficulty. If you would like to know how more chaotic travelling can become easier and more comfortable with NDIS travel experts, keep scrolling down.

What is included in Travel and Transport NDIS?

Yiga Ability Care, predominantly provides the Travel and Transport NDIS in Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane to various destinations and purposes, depending on the needs and goals of the individual with a disability.

– Medical appointments such as visits to doctors, specialists, therapists, or hospitals

– Education and training centres

– For employment-related activities

– Social and community participation events

– Personal appointments such as banking, shopping, and attending government offices

If you find yourself in need of Travel and Transport NDIS in Perth or any other locations we serve, please take advantage of our expert assistance to make your travel experience comfortable and good.

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What are the advantages of opting for the Travel and Transport NDIS?

NDIS travel in Melbourne and all over Australia is widely popular because of its advantages. However, the following are the advantages one can expect from NDIS travel:

Increased independence : Travel and Transport NDIS can enable individuals with disabilities to travel independently or with minimal assistance. This can enhance participants’ sense of independence and empower them to participate more actively in their communities.

Reduced financial burden : Opting to Travel and Transport NDIS in Brisbane or any other city in Australia is no burden to individuals living with disabilities or their families. The NDIS funding for travel and transport can alleviate this burden by covering or subsidising the costs associated with accessing necessary services, appointments, and activities.

Enhanced social inclusion : Travel and Transport NDIS enables individuals with disabilities to engage in social and community activities such as attending social events, joining clubs and groups, and participating in recreational programs, resulting in reduced isolation and fostering social connections.

What areas do we provide Travel and Transport NDIS

The following are the locations where Yiga Ability Care predominantly serves:

– NDIS travel in Melbourne :

– NDIS travel in Perth :

– NDIS travel in Brisbane :

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Signs that show you need Travel and Transport NDIS

– You are facing challenges attending medical appointments due to transportation barriers.

– You are experiencing difficulty engaging in social activities, and attending community events.

– You heavily rely on family members, friends for transportation due to your disability.

– Your transportation expenses pose a significant financial burden for you or your family, and you are looking for NDIS funding for transportation.

If you find yourself in the aforementioned situations, then you are the right person to choose to travel and transport NDIS.

Why should you choose us over others?

– We provide a person-centred approach, meaning that the services are tailored to each individual’s unique circumstances and goals.

– We help put you in the right direction by helping you get an effective NDIS plan that includes travel and transportation NDIS.

– We have immense experience in providing Travel and Transport NDIS in Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane and have already helped many with their destinations successfully.

– With us, you will have comprehensive coverage covering a wide range of your travel needs and purposes, including medical appointments, therapy sessions, education and training, employment-related activities, etc.

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Yiga Ability Care

So are you ready to discover the exceptional travel and transport NDIS services Yiga Ability Care offers? Then what are you waiting for? Reach out to us today and reach your distances comfortably.