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At Yiga Ability Care, our respite care service is constructed to give both NDIS participants and their informal support a well-earned break.

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Living with a disability can be challenging at times for the person with the disability and for that person’s family or carer also. The families and friends who take on this challenge are amazing people with a sense of dedication that really is inspiring. Still, at the end of the day, life is better for everybody when time is taken to wind down. Take your time to refresh and step away from the day-to-day routine.

At Yiga Ability services, we understand that taking a break can make all the difference for everyone involved, that is what respite is all about.

Respite or respite-care means time to relax, recharge and perhaps take the opportunity to do those things that don’t fit into life any other way. That can be to time to socialise, exercise, enjoy a short holiday or maybe just a good sleep in.

It is crucial to recognize that taking a break in the form of respite is more than just okay; it is essential from time to time for everyone’s continuing wellbeing and selfcare. A short period of respite is often the ‘circuit breaker’ that relieves stress, gives a renewed sense of objectivity, and helps families living with a disability maintain a healthy, sustainable long-term model of support.

At Yiga Ability Care, we can provide respite from as short as a weekend to weeks. We always welcome suggestions, and we will accommodate requests where possible! We encourage you to get in contact with our friendly team to discuss any questions, activities, or requests.

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Our NDIS accommodation services

We are NDIS accommodation providers that assist you in following the accommodation options.

Supported Independent Living – Our Supported Independent Living (SIL) program is designed to empower individuals with disabilities by providing the necessary assistance and guidance to enhance their independent living skills. Whether you’re unable to live independently or prefer a supportive environment outside your family home, our SIL program offers a shared living arrangement that fosters growth and support.

Medium Term Accommodation – Medium term accommodation can be ideal for those who have been in hospital or rehab and need some extra support and care before returning home.

Short Term Accommodation – Short-term accommodations are like respite care, where individuals living with disabilities stay for quite some time, from a few days to a few weeks, in a relaxed accommodation facility that is fully supported to serve NDIS participants.

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Advantages of NDIS accommodation

Opting for NDIS accommodation offers several advantages for individuals with disabilities, including

Accessibility and Safety When you opt for Yiga Ability Care NDIS accommodation in Perth, you will be living in fully supported accommodation facilities like wheelchair ramps, modified bathrooms, grab rails, and other accessibility modifications.

Independence NDIS accommodation aims to enhance the independence of individuals with disabilities. With appropriate support and accessible features, individuals can perform daily living tasks more independently, fostering self-confidence and self-reliance.

Community Inclusion Yiga Ability Care NDIS accommodation in Perth or Melbourne allows individuals to engage with their local community and social activities that result in promoting social inclusion and participation.

Quality Assurance Yiga Ability Care NDIS accommodation providers in Perth and other locations of ours are professionals that can guarantee the quality of the accommodation and support services they receive.

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Yiga Ability Care

– So are you ready to discover a new level of support and independence with Yiga Ability Care’s NDIS accommodation. Our person-centred approach ensures that your unique needs and goals are at the forefront of our care. Contact us today and let us provide you with the empowering NDIS accommodations you deserve. Together, we’ll unlock a world of possibilities..