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What Is Supported Independent Living (SIL)?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides eligible Australians aged under 65, who have a permanent and significant disability with funding for supports and services. For many people, their NDIS funding is used for the purpose of improving, maintaining or gaining new skills in order for them to live the highest quality life as independently as possible.

Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is when people with disabilities receive support, usually 24/7, to help each person live as independently as possible. The accommodation provided is shared between two to seven people. It is sometimes referred to as group accommodation. People who live in SIL houses also receive day-to-day support with tasks including community participation, cleaning, cooking and assistance with personal care. SIL is funded under the NDIS through a participant’s Core Supports but is not part of their flexible budget. SIL is a quoted, agreed upon support item. At YAC all our participants are part of the household routines and decisions. We know it is important that people click and get along. Tell us what you like or do not like in a housemate, and we will do our best to match you with people who tick your boxes and have similar interests.

What Support Will Yiga ability care Provide Me?

  • Support with personal care including showering and dressing
  • Daily life skills such as cooking, cleaning, gardening and doing laundry
  • Support in budgeting and household management
  • Development of social and communication skills
  • Assistance with recreational activities undertaken within the home including playing games, basic crafts, using technology etc.
  • Overnight support (Sleep over or active overnight)
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Lead a Self-Directed Life with Yiga Ability Care’s, Support Independent Living.

If you are an individual living with a disability, facing complex challenges with your daily life, and looking for the best possible ways to lead a self-directed life in order to address the daily activities and their challenges, health care management, and financial planning, then consider that support independent living is worthwhile.

Yiga Ability Care, is a registered NDIS service provider and provides a variety of NDIS support and care types, including NDIS Support independent Living, in order to help individuals live their lives to the fullest while receiving the necessary support. Our well-versed SIL providers are committed to providing the best possible care that helps you lead a normal and meaningful life.

What is included in support independent living?

Yiga Ability Care exclusively provides support independent living in Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane, which is tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of individuals seeking to live independently. The following are common elements that are addressed as part of the SIL:

– Help with managing the money and budgeting.

– Assistance in cooking and cleaning etc.

– Helping people with disabilities improve their social skills

– Helping them with personal care

– Help them with travelling and attending appointments.

– Provide personal care, like showering and dressing them up.

– Assistance with daily life skill learning

If you have any specific support needs, please inform our expert carers, who will ensure that your needs are met and addressed

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Advantages of support independent living

“SIL has gained popularity among NDIS participants due to the numerous benefits it offers to individuals living with disabilities. At Yiga Ability Care, we provide support independent living in Perth and other locations, and you can expect the following benefits from our programs.

Enhanced independence: SIL promotes independence and self-determination as it allows participants to have the freedom to make their own choices about their daily routines, personal goals, and living arrangements, resulting in extended independence in everyday life.

Making new friends: Opting to support independent living is not all about moving out and staying under the supervision of expert carers; it is also a great opportunity to expand one’s social circles. It allows for making new friends in shared communal areas that share similar interests and thoughts among similar age groups, and social engagement results in strong mental health.

Personalised support: Unlike homes, our Support independent living in Brisbane or other locations we provide is fully backed by all the supporters and equipment that are essential for people living with disabilities. More personalised support provides them with a much higher quality of life experience.

In what areas do we provide support independent living

– Support independent living Melbourne

– Support independent living Perth

– Support independent living Brisbane

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Signs that show you need support independent living

– Struggling with everyday living tasks.

– Feeling overwhelmed or dependent on others for routine tasks.

– A lack of social connections, limited engagement in community activities, or feelings of loneliness.

– Greatly declining physical or mental health.

– You are transitioning out of a care facility, such as a hospital, rehabilitation centre.

– You have a desire to learn or improve essential life skills, such as managing finances, cooking, etc.

Why should you choose us over others?

Experience All the carers we have in our team of support independent living in Brisbane and the respective areas where we provide service are exceptionally experienced in providing the care and support they deserve.

Qualified and compassionate staff : We are passionate and well-versed carers and respectful towards individuals, ensuring their dignity and well-being are upheld.

Effective support plans : Unlike other support independent living services, we onboard all individual’s needs and goals and create effective support plans for each individual that can help attain each individual goal in no time.

Positive feedback : We have been offering Support independent living in Perth, Brisbane, and Melbourne for so long successfully and have already received positive feedback for the support and care we provided.

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Yiga Ability Care

So what thoughts are running through your mind? Are you looking for the ideal support for independent living? Look no further than Yiga Ability Care! Our dedicated team is here to provide the personalised assistance you need to thrive in your own home and community.