disability services

Yiga Ability Care is a family-owned organisation that is established with the sole aim of offering disability services. 

 We make participants our priority in creating opportunities, promoting independence and progression in a safe,  non-discriminative environment. 

At Yiga Ability Care, we are committed to providing services that produce greater well-being, enjoyment, and independence in life. Yiga Ability Care believes in taking a collaborative approach attaining optimal outcomes for the participants we support.

 As a registered NDIS provider, Yiga Ability Care endeavours to assist participants achieve their goals by delivering high-quality, low-cost services, Yiga Ability Care, certifies that participants can live their lives their way.

Our Vision

Yiga Ability Care’s vision is to create a resilient and empowered community in partnership to support people with disability to live a great life with choice.

Our Values







Vision Mission and Values
Yiga Ability Care Vision

Mission statement

  • To empower, encourage and enable people who are ageing and have disabilities to enhance their quality of life with dignity & respect.
  • To evaluate and exceed stakeholders’ expectations
  • To provide care focused on the holistic view of an individual